Taiki API Overview

Welcome to Taiki!

What is Taiki?

Taiki is the streamlined API solution for retrieving tax documents directly from user accounts. Simplify tax filing, accelerate onboarding, or power insightful financial analysis with Taiki's secure data.

Taiki handles the complexities of authentication, document retrieval, and normalization across various financial institutions. Focus on building robust features for your users, while Taiki takes care of the data integrations.

Taiki Link Flow Overview

  1. Generate Link Token: Request a short-lived Link token from the Taiki API to initiate secure authentication flows.

  2. Open Taiki Link: Utilizing the Link token and your provided Webhook, initialize the client-side SDK for users to connect and retrieve data from their bank/brokerage/payroll accounts.

  3. Retrieve Data: Taiki servers will ping your provided Webhook to send retrieved files to your servers.

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